Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Designer Style List Work?

1.Find the item you want through filtering by colour, length, size, brand or occasion to find the perfect piece for you. We have pieces from many designers to choose from.
2.Choose a rental period (either 4 or 8 days) and rental date. Choose a minimum of 2 days before your event to ensure it arrives with plenty of time for you to style your fashion moment.
3.The dress will be delivered via courier to your chosen location whether it be home, office or hotel by 5.30pm on your delivery date.
4.Place items in the provided packaging and drop the item at your nearest Express Post box. We’ll handle the dry cleaning.

What is the length of time you can reserve a piece for ?

It can be either 4 or 8 days. We recommend you to order to arrive 2 days before your event to ensure you have plenty of time to perfect your fashion moment! If you would like to have the piece for longer – email hello@designerstylist.com.au and we will come to an arrangement.

What if the piece does not fit?
If you choose to have your piece delivered (only available in the Hills District Sydney area), your D-Stylist will bring two backup dresses to ensure you have the best fit and you get the fashion moment you deserve. The piece is not to be altered under any circumstance to fit you.

Can I try on the piece beforehand?
We are in the works to get this service up and running for you soon!

Do you have accessories to hire?
Yes we do! If the item(s) you have seen in photos on our website or social media is not listed on our Accessories for Hire please contact us at hello@designerstylelist.com.au with your expression of interest.

Do you work with stylists?
Absolutely. We often work with stylists to provide pieces for their clients. Please contact our Customer Service Team at hello@designerstylelist.com.au

Can I consign my clothes and/or accessories to Designer Style List?
We would love to consider your pieces for our collection. We have two options where DSL will either purchase the piece from you, or we will rent your piece on your behalf and you will receive the proceeds of the rental less a small fee. Please contact customer service at hello@designerstylelist.com.au for further information.

Do you provide stylist services?
We currently provide styling services in the Hills District Sydney area and are happy to answer any styling enquiries you may have. Appointments for DSL’s styling services can be made at hello@designerstylelist.com.au

What happens if I stain or damage the piece?
We understand that accidents do happen when you are having a fab time. We provide free accidental damage insurance up to $50 to cover these inevitable events. Any repairs above and beyond this, you will be liable for. Please contact us as soon as you can if you’ve accidently stained or damaged the dress.

What happens if I lose the piece or damage it beyond repair?
If the item is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair unfortunately you will be liable to pay the replacement value of the item listed on the website. We understand that accidents happen so if an unfortunate event occurred we would take into account the demand for the piece, the ability to repurchase the piece and the condition of the item before we will come up with a solution. Please treat the item if it had been purchased by you!

Shipping Details

Shipping Details

Where do you ship to?
We ship Australia wide.

What are my delivery options?
The estimated time for delivery is around 1-2 days, based on the time you place your order and where it is being shipped to. A standard delivery fee is $12.95 for all rentals in the Sydney Metro area excluding same day deliveries.

Do you have same day delivery?
Please contact our customer service team before you order online at hello@designerstylelist.com.au or phone us on (02) 8006 2496 if you are looking for a dress tonight, we have a same day delivery option for the Hills District Sydney area.

Do I have to sign for my item?
A signature is required for the package however anyone is able to sign on your behalf to receive the package at your requested address.

Can I track my order?
Absolutely! We will email you a tracking number when your order has been shipped which will show the estimated delivery date which you can track.



How do I return my piece?
Place the item in the express post satchel DSL has provided and drop off your piece at your nearest Express Post box by 5pm on the day it is due for return.

How will I know that my hired piece has been returned?
Our customer service team will send you a confirmation email once the piece has been received in our warehouse.

Do I need to clean the item?
No need, we have you covered! Simply return your piece and we will dry-clean upon return.

What if I am late returning my piece?
We understand the day can sometimes get away so we will remind you with a text. In the unlikely event that you return your piece late to us, we will unfortunately have to charge you a late fee of $30 per day until the item(s) are returned.

When does the rental period begin?
Your rental period begins from the time the courier first attempted delivery.

What if I don’t receive my piece the day I requested?
Please contact our friendly customer service team on hello@designerstylelist.com.au and we will look into it for you. In the unlikely occurrence, we will provide you a full refund and your next dress is on us.

Payment Terms

Payment Terms

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

When will I get charged?
When you make your reservation – think about reserving a piece like booking a flight online.

If I cancel my order, will I receive a refund?
Once we have received back your unworn piece with tag in tact as well as the refund request documentation, we will confirm your refund within 5 days. The piece must be sent back the day after receipt for the refund to be processed to allow another DSL girl to have her moment.